Articles | 08/10/2016 |

Much ignorance envelops not just this but all its infinite forms of experience.  Even the fingerprints of identical twins born from the same ovum show differences over the years.  So it is not in vain that the United States, the most powerful imperialist country ever to exist, deludes itself when it takes on as doctrine a paragraph from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states: “All human beings are born free and...

Articles | 12/08/2016 |

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the demonstrations of respect, the greetings and the gifts which I have received these days; they give me the strength to reciprocate via the ideas I shall transmit to our Party members and to the pertinent organisms.

Articles | 27/03/2016 |

Obama gave a speech where he used saccharine words to express: “It’s time, now, to leave the past behind.  It is time for us to look forward to the future together…un future de esperanza.  And it won’t be easy, and there will be setbacks.  It will take time.  But my time here in Cuba renews my hope and my confidence in what the Cuban people will do.  We can make this journey as friends, and as...

Articles | 14/02/2016 |

Sadly almost all religions have had to lament the destructive occurrence of wars and their terrible consequences. They have had to devote their greatest energies to those tasks. The singular importance of the meeting between Pope Francis and His Holiness Cyril in Havana is that it has aroused the hope of the peoples of the world.

Articles | 13/08/2015 |

Writing is a way of being useful, if you believe that our long suffering humanity should be more and better educated in the face of the incredible ignorance we are all shrouded in, except for the researchers who resort to science in their quest for satisfactory answers. It is a word that implies its infinite content in just a few letters.

Articles | 07/05/2015 |

The 70th anniversary of the Soviet people’s victory in the Great Patriotic War will be commemorated the day after tomorrow, on the 9th of May. Given the time difference, as I write these lines, proud Russian Federation Army soldiers and officers are going to be parading in Moscow’s Red Square with their characteristically quick and martial steps.

Articles | 02/03/2015 |

Yesterday I was explaining my meeting with the five fellow countrymen who received the honorable title of Heroes of the Republic of Cuba and the prestigious Playa Giron Award.  Seventy-three days had elapsed since they arrive in the country after being released.  For me, the most important thing was for them to meet with their families and the medical care and check-up that these great comrades should undergo after being held in the horrible...